Annual Review 2013

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Every year thousands of people join our fight. Our Annual Review tells some of their stories and celebrates their inspirational contribution to Team BHF. Because by working together we can make a life-saving difference.

Fight for Every Heartbeat

Team BHF Member


Dr. Amer Rana






6ft 1

“Time is ticking, so we have to work as quickly as we can.”

Dr Amer Rana is one of our pioneering researchers.

What attracted me to research as a student? That’s easy. It was the excitement of discovery.

I work on a disease called pulmonary hypertension, where problems in the lungs cause the heart to fail. It’s devastating – most people die within five years of diagnosis.

Together with colleagues in Cambridge, I developed a way to make stem cells from routine blood samples. Using our procedure, researchers can produce an unlimited supply of stem cells from patients’ blood – which means we can study heart diseases and test potential medicines more quickly.

And as anyone with pulmonary hypertension or heart failure will tell you, there’s no time to waste.

Dr Amer Rana

Team BHF Member


Rosanna Ogden




3 1/2


3ft 1

“Thanks to BHF research, our little girl is thriving.”

Rosanna Ogden helped our shops raise more than half a million pounds by becoming the face of the Little Hearts campaign.

It was the very worst week of my life.

I took Rosanna for a routine check-up when she was six weeks old. The GP listened to her chest and immediately knew something was wrong. She had a tumour in her heart.

Without treatment she could die in days, so the next thing we knew she was being prepped for surgery.

She slowly got better and the doctors said getting her active would help her recovery. So when she was 10 weeks old we took her swimming. She loved the water and we’ve never looked back.

But some babies don’t make it. Rosanna is swimming for them, and to make sure we have more little miracles in the future.

Mick and Sanam Ogden

Team BHF Member


Alan Linton






5ft 9

“One minute I was in a hospital bed the next I was stood next to Vinnie Jones!”

Alan Linton is alive today because his friends remembered our TV ad and gave him Hands-only CPR on a golf course in Scotland.

If you’d have told me back at the start of 2012 how my year would pan out, I’d have thought you were having a laugh.

It was February last year when Mikey, Brian, Paul and I went for a round of golf. When I fell on the floor and rolled over on the fifth green, they thought I was just messing about.

But it was no joke. I’d had a cardiac arrest. The previous week Paul had seen the BHF’s advert with Vinnie Jones doing Hands-only CPR, so he had a go.

When I’d recovered I started doing some promotional work with the BHF and out of the blue they asked me to appear in their new TV advert. It seemed like one minute I was in a hospital bed and the next I was stood next to Vinnie Jones!

Alan Linton

Team BHF Member


Kay Attwood






5ft 2

“I’m part of Team BHF and it makes me feel good.”

Together with Flora pro.activ, we honoured Kay Attwood at our Love Your Heart Awards for her amazing efforts supporting our life-saving work.

I was 40. The blue lights were flashing, I was being rushed to hospital and all I could think was ‘they’re going to be furious when they realise it’s indigestion’.

I had no inkling it was a heart attack. I burst into tears when the doctors told me. I was feeling so alone. Then Diane, a BHF nurse, came to see me and it changed everything. Just to know I could talk to her if I needed was a lifeline.

After the heart attack I completely changed my lifestyle. And I joined my local BHF fundraising branch in Camberley.

When I raise money I feel like I’m paying back bit by bit for what Diane did for me.

Kay Attwood

Team BHF v Heart Disease

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